Thursday, September 3, 2009

Algernon in Chicago

I went up to Chicago today to watch my son Cory's band Algernon perform in support of their new album at the incredible Pritzker Auditorium in Millennium Park. The weather was outstanding, and it was a great day for photography.

I have been playing recently with desaturating some of my photos by 75 to 90 percent. The result is almost gray scale, but with a hint of whatever dominant colors are in the scene. I find the effect works well with pictures of urban scenes, so Chicago seemed like the place to try it out. Here are a couple of examples:

This is a shot taken along Michigan Avenue while crossing Randolph to the park.

Here's a standard "buildings falling backward" shot, but I like the perspective, which was exaggerated by the 11mm wide angle lens. The desaturation adds to the effect, in my opinion:

The Pritzker Auditorium is an amazing space. Designed by Frank Geary, and basically outdoors, it has incredible acoustics. The band was dwarfed on its vast stage:

Here's a nice picture of Cory playing: