Monday, July 29, 2013

Northwest Trip, Part 1--Montana and Washington

Abandoned school in Vananda, Montana

The American Northwest is an amazing place. The scale of the wide open spaces there have to be experienced to be understood. On this trip I drove a large loop that took me from Illinois up to Minneapolis; across North Dakota, Montana, and Washington to Seattle; down the Coast of Washington and Oregon; then back east across Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nebraska; and finally back to Illinois. It was over 5000 miles in total driving.

My photography started in earnest on the way out as I drove across Montana and Washington, taking care to get off the Interstate and drive through the countryside. The wide open countryside, so empty but so full of life, was awe-inspiring. It was all truly beautiful.

In Montana on U.S. 12 I happened upon Vananda, a ghost town that had once been a railroad stop. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Dust devils near Warden, Washington

In central Washington I drove into the Columbia Plateau near the town of Warden, and saw dust devils in the dry wheat fields. The wheat alternated with deep green irrigated crops.

Fields near Warden, Washington

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